How to Fix a Fuel Pump in a Ford F150?

Answer The fuel pump module in a Ford F150 truck, which is installed within the fuel tank, contains the fuel pump and the fuel level sensor. On most F150 models, you can change the level sensor on the mod... Read More »

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How to Change a Fuel Pump on a Ford F150?

Ford F150s use a single-action, permanently sealed fuel pump, the size flow of which varies depending on the engine. The F150's fuel pump requires no adjustments, and as a sealed component, it cann... Read More »

How to Change the Fuel Pump in a 1988 Ford F150?

The Ford F series is a line of full-size pickup trucks in continuous production since 1948, with the F-150 models being the most popular. The 1988 Ford F-150 has an early form of fuel injection tha... Read More »

1996 Ford F150: Fuel Pump Removal?

The Ford F-150 draws the fuel from the fuel tank by means of a fuel pump that is submerged in the tank. Removing the fuel pump involves pulling the fuel tank down. Once the tank is down, the pump c... Read More »

Troubleshooting the Electric Fuel Pump on a 1995 Ford F150?

Ford F150s manufactured in 1995 use an in-tank fuel delivery module, or FDM, that includes a high pressure pump, a venture pump, a pressure relief valve and shuttle selector valve all housed inside... Read More »