How to Fix a Frozen Mobile Phone?

Answer Is your cell phone frozen? Has it been acting strange recently? This article will help you return a frozen phone back to its normal state.

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What is the differnce between an Android mobile phone and an iPhone mobile phone?

The OS (operating systems) of the phones ideally are mainly what separate these two phone types. It is because of the operating systems that apps have to be specific to the OS. Apple runs the IOS w... Read More »

Can you take a sim card out of a T-mobile motorola phone and use it in a T-mobile Samsung phone?

yes, as long as the sim card fits you can do it- i have

Will a T-Mobile cell phone work with a T-Mobile prepaid card?

As long as your cell phone is a T-Mobile phone, you can use it with a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card. You can also use an unlocked phone with a T-Mobile prepaid SIM.References:T-Mobile: T-Mobile Prepaid... Read More »

Can I use an inactive Sprint mobile phone with Boost Mobile?

You cannot use an inactive Sprint mobile phone with Boost Mobile. Boost is Nextel's prepaid cellular phone service. Sprint phones and Nextel phones run on two different, incompatible networks. The ... Read More »