How to Fix a Front Door That Will Not Shut All the Way?

Answer A door that doesn't shut properly allows insects, water and cold air to seep in your home. Pets can escape and young children may open the door and walk out without you knowing. In the winter, the ... Read More »

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How to Keep a Front House Door From Freezing Shut?

The inability to open a front door during the winter months can result from cold temperatures freezing the door shut. It can take several minutes to slowly pry the door open, and dealing with a fro... Read More »

How to Fix a Car Door That Won't Shut?

A car door that is difficult to close or which won't close at all could be the result of a sagging door or a problem with the door latch. Door latches can be fixed in minutes with a few tools, but ... Read More »

My oven has an auto timer so it switches off,but will my bread continue to cook too much with the door shut?

Yes, it will continue to cook because the heat is still in the oven. Even when the oven is turned off the heat remains and dissipates gradually. I wouldn't leave the bread more than 5 minutes mor... Read More »

Sanyo tv that when you turn it on it will briefly come on then shut right back off and after a few tries it will not do anything at all?

mine too,if u unplug it 5 or 6 times it will stay on i dont get it