How to Fix a Ford Truck?

Answer The first Ford truck was produced in 1905, and over a hundred years later, the American automotive company continues to manufacture and sell trucks around the world. In 1948, Ford introduced its F... Read More »

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Will Dodge truck rims fit a Ford truck?

Yes. As long as the Dodge truck rims have the same lug nut size and bolt pattern as the rim wheel fittings in the Ford truck, the rims will fit to size.References:OK Off Road: Bolt Pattern

How to Tell If a Tie Rod Is Bad on a Ford Truck?

Ford has used two varieties of tie rod over the years: the standard bronze-bushed, ball-and-socket tie rod and the rubber-injected ball-and-socket on some pickups made in the 1990s. If you notice l... Read More »

What does xlt on a ford truck mean?

Ford sells its trucks with the "extras" packaged together, which determines the trim level such as XLT. Depending on make and year, the XLT is the moderately priced mid- to lower-trim package. Th... Read More »

How to Identify the VIN on a Ford Truck?

Ford issues all trucks a vehicle identification number (VIN). This number sequence contains information about the truck including the model, engine, power train, chassis, assembly plant and the tru... Read More »