How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Chinese Scooter?

Answer Chinese motor scooters are a popular alternative mode of transportation. If the tire goes flat, however, you may find yourself without a ride. Fortunately, flat tires are fairly easy to fix on most... Read More »

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How to Fix a Flat Scooter Tire?

A flat scooter tire happens due to one of two conditions: the tire or inner tube has been punctured and leaks or the tire needs to be inflated. Testing for the latter usually helps avoid some extra... Read More »

How to Fix a Flat Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit?

A nail will puncture any type of tire. The rubber poses little barrier for a nail or screw. You typically will only notice a nail or screw in your tire when it goes flat. You should visually inspec... Read More »

How to Disassemble a Hub on a Chinese Scooter?

Disassembling or repairing a Chinese scooter hub generally involves the same steps used to perform similar work on any other type of modern scooter. The designs used on modern scooters follow the s... Read More »

How to Modify a Chinese Scooter?

Though inexpensive, most Chinese scooters do not perform nearly as well in terms of speed, acceleration or efficiency as compared to other types of scooters. You can improve your Chinese scooter's ... Read More »