How to Fix a Drafty Window?

Answer Are you literally throwing money out the window of your home? If you have windows that allow cold air in and warm air out, you are indeed doing just that. With energy costs fluctuating, you need to... Read More »

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Is it possible to build a non-drafty room inside a drafty room?

You just build a room and use a vapor barrier, caulk the cracks and use modern windows. It would be far less to make your existing room less drafty, or no drafts at all. A few tubes of caulk and ... Read More »

What can I use to help my drafty windows?

It's like 15 degrees with 30 mph wind here, I feel Ya. I would like get big sheets of clear plastic and duct tape it up over the windows, both inside and outside if possible (Only inside if You liv... Read More »

How to Take Care of Drafty Fireplaces?

The chimney allows air to both rise and fall into the fireplace. Drafts of cold air from outside can fall down the chimney and enter your home, compromising your heating efforts. Cold drafts can fo... Read More »

Can infrared space heaters save money in drafty old homes?

On One Hand: Infrared Heaters Provide WarmthInfrared heaters work by converting electricity, gasoline, or propane into heat and then radiating that heat onto objects in front of them. They can warm... Read More »