How to Fix a Dell Keyboard Number Pad That Doesn't Work?

Answer When using a Dell keyboard, sometimes a problem may exist that knocks out the use of the number pad. This could be an error that results from old keyboard drivers, or perhaps a simple connection is... Read More »

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Will Dell SK-6000 keyboard work with a USB?

The Dell Silitek SK6000 keyboard cannot connect directly to a USB port because it uses a six-pin PS/2 connection. However, you can connect it to a USB port if you have a PS/2 to USB adapter.Referen... Read More »

Will a Dell wireless Bluetooth keyboard work on an iMac?

Yes, barring any glitches. Many Bluetooth devices, including Dell keyboards, are designed to work generically with any other brand or manufacturer. Check your keyboard-system-preference pane to see... Read More »

Swiss Saver Pass number doesnt work for GA Switzerland option in trenitalia site ?

The GA isn't the same as the Swiss Pass, it covers the same routes but is for Swiss residents, and goes for at least a month, usually a year.Don't know what you should do, though, sorry. You could ... Read More »

How do I block my number when i call somebody so there caller id doesnt pick up my number?