How to Fix a Dead SLA Battery?

Answer Sealed Lead-Acid, or SLA, batteries are mainly used in cars, motorcycles and trucks. These batteries are considered maintenance-free, as you cannot top-up the fluid levels in the individual cells. ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Dead Car Battery?

If you notice electrical problems with your automobile, or if your automobile is having difficulty starting or is not starting at all, you may have a battery problem. A car's battery provides elect... Read More »

How to Recharge a Dead Battery?

There are a variety of batteries that range between the simple AA and AAA batteries used in everyday remotes, toys and other items to car batteries. Beyond basic sizing differences, there are diffe... Read More »

Can a dead car battery be recharged?

Typical car batteries are lead-acid batteries. If your car battery dies, you can recharge it with a battery charger using trickle-charge, which is continuous constant current. Other methods are the... Read More »

Why is my car battery always dead?

Car batteries are designed to store energy, a function difficult to perform if there's no new energy going in or too much going out. Although battery damage or age can play a role, these two chargi... Read More »