How to Fix a Cracked Fiberglass Bumper?

Answer The bumpers (or bumper caps) on most modern cars are manufactured from fiberglass. While fiberglass is a durable material that can bend a little and still return to its former shape, if it is hit h... Read More »

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How to Fix a Cracked Car Bumper?

Little cracks in the bumper can mar the pristine look of your car. Fixing them yourself, rather than taking your car to an auto body repair shop, can save a lot of money, but be prepared to go with... Read More »

Can cracked fiberglass bathtubs be fixed?

Yes, cracked fiberglass bathtubs are repairable. Repair fiberglass bathtub cracks using a fiberglass repair kit or an appliance touch-up. The larger the crack, the longer it takes to complete the r... Read More »

How to Fix a Fiberglass Bumper?

Fiberglass bumpers constitute a large number of vehicle bumpers. Fiberglass is used over metal because it is cheaper and easier to repair. Repairing fiberglass is a task that most auto owners can e... Read More »

How to Fiberglass a Bumper?

If you're looking to custom-make your own bumper for your car, fiberglass is a simple material for such a project. Sheets of woven fiberglass--cloth or matting--work with polyester resin to form a ... Read More »