How to Fix a Corroded Circuit Board?

Answer Corrosion on printed circuit boards can range from simple tarnish on pads to damaged or destroyed runs. Likewise, repairs range from simple to complex. An experienced technician should estimate the... Read More »

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Could a handheld elec sanding device operated very close to the circuit board of a mw oven create a lg enough electmag field that it could activate the circuit board and turn on the ovens?

When removing capacitor from circuit board the contact came off board with the capacitor can it be glued back?

Yes you can glue it back down but make sure you get a good connection to the capacitor. If necessary you can replace the trace with a piece of wire. Just make sure you know what you are doing and... Read More »

What is a circuit board?

The arrival of the printed circuit board in the 1930s helped spur the electronics revolution. Made of thin epoxy plastic and copper, it improved reliability and drove down the cost of radios, telev... Read More »

What does G mean on a circuit board?

The "G" or "g" symbol often found on circuit boards symbolizes conductance. Alternatively, it can show a unit of magnetic flux density. The symbol is important because it indicates the amount of el... Read More »