How to Fix a Corner on a Flat Roof?

Answer Unlike sloped roofs, on which gravity automatically directs the water to the roof edges, preventing pooling and water damage, flat roofs accumulate snow and rain during inclement weather. This pote... Read More »

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What is the difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof?

Can you hang a flat screen in a corner?

Hello, to answer your question in a word, yes. It is possible... BUT as you may expect there are size/weight limits to this. Yet with the right mounting bracket (and trusted PROFESSIONAL installer,... Read More »

How high should a flat TV be placed in a corner on the wall?

You should either mount the TV so the center is at eye level when you're sitting on the couch (or wherever you'll be watching from) or so that the bottom is at eye level when you're sitting up stra... Read More »

How to Mount a Flat Panel TV in the Corner of a Bedroom?

If you have a new flat panel TV, mounting it in a corner of your bedroom might be just the perfect place for it. Before you install your TV, however, check your wall studs to see if the spacing is ... Read More »