How to Fix a Chain Falling off the Chainring Without Stopping?

Answer When the chain comes off the front chain ring and falls next to the frame. In some cases this is due to the need for an adjustment to the front derailleur. More frequently it is due to the gear com... Read More »

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How to Remove Chain Links Without a Chain Breaker Tool?

There are a lot of motor-powered items that use a chain, such as a snowmobile, motorcycle, or even some lawn mowers. These chains need to be regularly maintained like any other part on a vehicle, a... Read More »

Have you ever pulled the alarm chain on a train. In order to get a non-stopping train to stop at your station?

What a stupid idea. All you would achieve would be to delay all the trains behind the one you were on whilst the emergency stop was investigated and the brakes reset, a knock on effect which would ... Read More »

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