How to Fix a Car Window That Won't Roll Up?

Answer Car windows are typically a sheet of glass set into a scissor-pulley track, turned by a crank that is either hand-operated or motorized. When the glass does not roll up and close, several parts may... Read More »

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How to Manually Roll Up a Window That Is Stuck Down on a BMW E34?

Power windows have become nearly standard on cars of different types all around the world, but they do tend to get stuck or break in certain situations. In your BMW E34, if your window gets stuck, ... Read More »

Does anyone know of a window blind that you can snap over a window and it acts like the blinds that are inside the glass?

Answer Home Depot has an Enclosed Blind for Patio Door which fit over existing glass. One might assume they have them for windows, also. # ODL BWM26601 on Home Depot site.

Push mower wont start after running over a news paper roll.?

By default, a "push mower's" blade is propelled by its connection to the wheels moving, when it is pushed.You have a gas powered mower that is not self propelled, but pushed. So you probably floode... Read More »

How to Get a 1997 Cadillac Window to Roll Up?

Cadillac is a luxury brand of vehicles manufactured, sold and owned by the General Motors Company. The 1997 line of vehicles include the Catera, DeVille, Eldorado, Fleetwood and Seville. Each model... Read More »