How to Fix a Car Window That Falls Down Into the Door?

Answer Automotive windows use a control arm and guide regulator to raise and lower a pane of glass into the door, either manually or with an electric motor. When the pane of glass works its way out of the... Read More »

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Overhanging tree in next door garden who pays if it falls on your house?

Yes they are.Advise them to cut it back or let them know you will do it.You are not allowed if you do not get permission.Believe it or not if you do it you have to hand the branches over to them as... Read More »

How to Fix a Door Window on a Car?

A broken window on you car is very annoying and it can cause damage as water can get inside and short out the electronics. Fixing this window as soon as possible is the best option. This process is... Read More »

How to Remove a Car Door Window?

One of the more frequent problems that can occur with a car window is when the arm that holds the window and allows it to move up and down is not working properly. The window can jump out of the tr... Read More »

Car-Door Window Installation?

To install a car-door window, you will have to remove the door panel and its equipment to get to the door window. Although every door panel and window is different in style and position, there are ... Read More »