How to Fix a Car Door That Won't Open?

Answer It is frustrating when your car door will not open, especially when you are in a hurry or are battling extreme weather. There are a variety of reasons why a car door won't open. Identifying the pro... Read More »

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There is a door in my house that has a thing you have to push above the handle to open the door. What is that?

I call it a door latch release because it releaes the latch from the strike plate so you can open the door. Great question. I'll star it for you. Maybe one of my contacts knows more about it.

My door knob has become loose and wont open at all.?

ide use a wire coat hanger. If you have a crack between the door and door jamb then you can bend the hanger into a hook and slide it between the door and door jamb to depress the latch and then ope... Read More »

How do you fix refrigerator door that wont stay closed?

It would be best to leave it for 2 days or less. Marination means flavor, but take care not to overindulge or you have rotten pork.

How to Repair an Exterior Door That Won't Open?

Doors are fairly simple. As long as the frame remains square and the lock and knob are maintained the door should open and close without problems. There are only a few things that can make a door d... Read More »