How to Fix a Car Battery That Won't Hold a Charge?

Answer When you get into your car and turn the key, you expect it to start. That is what happens for the majority of people going through this daily ritual. However, there are some people who say a little... Read More »

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My Flip Ultra HD wont hold its charge, anyone know how to fix it?

My Camera battery wont charge?

There could be one of three reasons or a combination of them: 1) The battery charger itself is not putting out enough voltage to recharge the battery; 2) The battery has become defective and will n... Read More »

Why Does a Car Battery Not Hold a Charge?

When a battery runs down, a simple recharge usually gets it going again. But repeat offenders may have internal problems or issues with the car's electrical system.

If I don't fully charge something when I charge it the first time, does that mean it won't hold a charge?

Put that battery in the charger, or whatever you use to charge it and leave it hooked up for at least 24 hours, no less. If not, in 3 months time you will be wondering "why, when I my battery says... Read More »