How to Fix a Broken Shock Bolt on a Jeep Cherokee?

Answer The shock bolt on a Jeep Cherokee connects the wheel hub and lower control arm to the shock. These bolts are made of hardened steel. When they break, they can sometimes be seized up and very diffic... Read More »

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The Best Shock Absorbers for a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Although the Grand Cherokee line isn't the oldest in Jeep's lineup, it has seen a lot of change since its introduction in 1993. Initially engineered to compete with Ford's new Explorer, the Grand C... Read More »

Replacing Jeep Cherokee Shock Absorbers?

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How to Replace a Shock Absorber on a Jeep Cherokee Sport?

The shock absorbers on your Jeep Cherokee should be replaced every 75,000 miles. The shock absorber is designed to absorb the bumps on the roadway. They work in conjunction with the springs to make... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Shock Bolts From a Jeep Cherokee?

The Jeep Cherokee has three bolts holding its rear shocks in place. Two small upper bolts/studs and nuts secure the top of the shock to the frame of the vehicle. One large shock bolt and nut attach... Read More »