How to Fix a Broken Friendship With a Crush?

Answer Back to being friends in no time!When something happens, and you and your crush's friendship is totally broken, it can be hard to even get back to a friend status. You might never be able to go out... Read More »

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How to Fix a Broken Friendship?

Friendships are built on trust. Many a confidence is shared between two 'good' friends, and once that confidence has been violated, then expect the friendship to be broken. It is difficult, and at ... Read More »

How to Stop Loving Someone from a Broken Friendship?

It's hard to let go of someone. When you know its over, but you don't know how to stop loving the relationship or the person in the relationship, this is how.

How to Make a Friendship a True Friendship?

If you have a problem with a friend and make it a new start read this it may help.

You are 19 and your sister is 12 you have a cute crush and a little bit attracted sexually but knows it's wrong She is very mature for her age why you have the crush Is this just a phase?

Incest, don't even think about it. Look for a girl with maybe the same kind of personality or if you must, same looks? But if you stick with the idea of you and your 12 year old sister, I'd suggest... Read More »