How to Fix a Blurry Laptop Screen With Boxed and Squared Images?

Answer If you are experiencing problems with your laptop screen, such as blurry and squared or pixelated images, or both, it could be the result of a faulty connection. The best way to diagnose the proble... Read More »

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What causes ghost images on a LCD display This is not permanent burn-in the ghosting appears on all imagestext etc. It makes the screen appear blurry?

My problem was a loose cable. Try moving your cable arround. This assumes you are running the monitor at its native resolutionAlso try changing the monitor data cable (2 Blue Ends Normally)

How to take blurry photos or images using digital camera?

Three options are:-Use a long shutter speed and move the camera-Use a filter-Take a normal photo but use software to blur it

GIMP:I use google images and when i use the scale tool it looks blurry how to fix?

That's because the pictures are too small and get pixelated. You have to get larger images. Or just not rescale them.

I have transferred video from mini DV via firewire, the images r blurry on the comp and any recorded dvdhelp?

Does your video look OK when you play it direct from the camcorder? If not, that's the place to start looking. Assuming it's OK, what do your unedited clips look like on the computer? They may s... Read More »