How to Fix a Blown Airbag?

Answer Airbags, which are normally located on the driver and passenger sides of a vehicle, are important additions to car safety designed to deploy on impact to reduce bodily harm in the event of a car cr... Read More »

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The Science Behind an Airbag?

The introduction of airbags as standard equipment in most modern vehicles has greatly reduced the number of fatalities and serious injuries caused by automobile collisions. Although the concept of ... Read More »

Airbag Repair?

Once an airbag has been used, there are parts that must be replaced for it to work properly again. The components that make up an airbag system include strategically placed sensors and a control unit.

How to Have an Airbag Installed in Your Car?

With car-related accidents increasing year after year, it is vital to make sure your car is equipped with safety measures that meet your state's requirements. Today, airbags systems are installed i... Read More »

Airbag Codes for a BMW X5?

For automakers, safety is a priority, and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, airbags significantly increase automobile safety. Every new car, including the BMW X5, comes with ... Read More »