How to Fix a Bicycle Wheel?

Answer Times are tough, and bicycles are a mode of transportation that requires no fossil fuels. Upkeep and repair of a yard sale gem may bring you to this article

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What is name for a bicycle with only one wheel.?

How to Measure a Bicycle Wheel?

Measuring a bicycle wheel is a very simple process. It is important to know the size of your bicycle wheels if you need to purchase a replacement tire or if you need to purchase a wheel to keep as ... Read More »

How many spokes are in a bicycle wheel?

The number of spokes in a bicycle wheel varies, but the most common by far is 36. The number of spokes will always be a multiple of four; there are also 28- and 32-spoke wheel configurations.Refere... Read More »

Is it bad to hang a bicycle by its wheel?

Hanging your bike by one wheel may put too much pressure on the rim, bending or damaging it. It's safest to hang a bike by two points of contact on the frame, not by the wheel.Source:Bikekinetix: I... Read More »