How to Fix a Bathroom Faucet?

Answer Most of the time, a problem with a bathroom faucet involves a leak. Usually, faucet leaks are caused by worn washers or seats in the faucet assembly and these are easily replaced. There are several... Read More »

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Bathroom Faucet Types?

Bathroom faucets come in many options that can add a customized feel to a bathroom. When choosing a bathroom faucet, it is important to take into consideration features in addition to functionality... Read More »

How to Fix a Bathroom Shower Faucet?

Your bathroom shower faucet leaks when the parts inside the handle (called the shower faucet cartridge) begin to wear down. These parts are made of plastic, so their lifespan may be limited to just... Read More »

How do I remove a bathroom faucet handle?

One-Handle FaucetTurn off the bathroom sink's water supply. The valve is normally beneath the sink. Turn on the faucet to drain out all the water. Remove the small cap on the top of the faucet, usi... Read More »

How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet Handle?

Sometimes the handle of a bathroom faucet is put on incorrectly so it doesn't rest in the correct position when the faucet is off. Other times the faucet handle may crack, discolor or otherwise loo... Read More »