How to Fix a 2000 Ford Focus Wheel Bearing?

Answer The front wheel bearings in your 2000 Ford Focus are nonadjustable, sealed and pressed into the steering knuckle on the front of the car. Replacement of the wheel bearings requires that the bearing... Read More »

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How to Replace a Ford Focus Wheel Bearing?

The wheel bearing is a self-contained unit on the wheel of the Ford Focus. This means the bearing doesn't get lubricated during the normal grease and lube routine because it is a sealed bearing. Wh... Read More »

2000 Ford F150 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement?

The rear wheel bearings in a 2000 Ford F-150 are designed to support the rear axle shafts and allow them to spin with a minimal amount of friction. Both bearings are lubricated by a small stream of... Read More »

How to Change the Front Wheel Bearings on a 2000 Ford Focus?

With proper service, most wheel bearings will last at least 100,000 miles. Once they begin to fail, they pose a safety hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible. You can test the condition ... Read More »

2000 Cavalier Wheel Bearing Replacement Instructions?

The wheel bearings in your 2000 Chevy Cavalier serve two purposes: The first purpose is to support the weight of the car and allow the wheel to roll smoothly; the second purpose is to allow torque ... Read More »