How to Fix a 1986 Buick Century's Mass Air Sensor?

Answer Before replacing the mass airflow sensor on a 1986 Buick Century, it’s advisable to suspect a cause of the failure of the mass airflow sensor. Inspect the air filter and the charging system as we... Read More »

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How to Replace a Mass Airflow Sensor on a '97 Buick Riviera?

Mass air flow sensors record the amount of air coming into an engine and transfer that data to the engine's electronic control module. If a mass air flow sensor becomes contaminated or malfunctions... Read More »

How to Replace a Mass Air Flow Sensor in a 3.8 2000 Buick?

Replacing the mass air flow sensor on your 2000 Buick 3.8-liter engine is relatively straightforward. The MAF sensor sits on top of the throttle body just above the air intake. The MAF sensor is a ... Read More »

How to Replace a Mass Air Flow Sensor on a 1999 Buick LeSabre?

The 1999 Buick LeSabre has a computer controlled fuel injection system that relies on the electronic control module for fuel pressure information. The control module needs to know how much air the ... Read More »

How to Replace the Mass Air Flow Filter Sensor on a Buick Century?

It sounds technical and intimidating. It has tripped the check engine light a couple of times on your Buick Century and is now affecting the performance of the engine. It's an expensive component t... Read More »