How to Fix Your iPod Touch if It Will Not Turn On?

Answer Your iPod Touch won't turn on? I wonder why. Your iPod Touch could be in danger! Here are some ways to help!

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How to Turn Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone?

"What Iphone is that?" "Oh dude, this is just an iTouch" "Oh..."Admit it, everyone knows the feeling when your iphone is just not quite an iphone yet. With these steps, it will be.

How do you turn your iPhone 3g into an iPod touch?

iPhone 3g is an iPod touch and more. I don't see why you'd want to turn it into an iPod touch, even if that was possible.^^^ that answer is lame. Best I can figure so far is to pull out the sim car... Read More »

Can you turn your lights on and off with your ipod touch?

No, it goes off automaticly when you have not used it for about 10 seconds. But you can turn it on, that's what i have heard

Is their going to be an ipod touch 3g, if so what will make it different from the ipod touch 2g?

it will have a 1.5 --- 3 mega pixel camera with possible videobetter batteryfaster processor with larger ramit will not have a 8gb version instead a 16gb 32gb and maybe but i do doubt a 64gbpossibl... Read More »