How to Fix Your Mohawk?

Answer Mohawk hairstyles cross the gender lines with both girls and guys opting for this funky and sometimes startling style. After taking the leap and getting a Mohawk, decide what style appeals to you. ... Read More »

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How to Get Your Mohawk Taller?

A mohawk is a hairstyle that dates back thousands of years. Today, there are people who still choose to style their hair in a mohawk to create a unique look for themselves or to make themselves sta... Read More »

How to style your mohawk?

How to make your mohawk look it's best! Does this Spark an idea?

How to Put Color in Your Mohawk?

A Mohawk is a classic punk hairstyle characterized by shaved sides and a large spiked fin on the top of the head. The fin of a Mohawk may run from the hairline to the upper back of the head or from... Read More »

How to Regrow Your Hair After a Mohawk?

Getting tired of your Mohawk? This article will tell you how to regrow your hair without looking completely ridiculous. The article focuses mainly on regrowing your hair after having a relatively l... Read More »