How to Fix Your Hair Like in the 1930s?

Answer Women in 1930s America had a very distinctive style. In terms of clothes, the emphasis was on structured silhouettes and big shoulders. In terms of hair, the look changed drastically from the 1920... Read More »

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How to Do 1930s Hair?

The free-spirited ladies of the 1920s, with their cropped bobs, were considered outdated in the glamorous 1930s, as stated by the book "America in the 1930s." Bleach blond locks were also a big tre... Read More »

How to Pin Hair Up in 1930s Styles?

The 1930s were a time when women commonly wore shorter hair styles, such as the bob. It was also during the '30s that the finger wave style became very popular---a hairstyle now notable with old-sc... Read More »

Women's Hair Styles of the 1930s?

1930s women's hairstyles saw a departure from the radical cuts of the 1920s. While many still opted to wear their hair short, the overall look was softer. The golden age of Hollywood provided glamo... Read More »

1930s Hairstyles With Long Hair?

Hairstyles of the 1930s were extremely sophisticated and full of artistic flair -- opposite of what Americans were enduring then in the Great Depression. Farms were on the auction block and million... Read More »