How to Fix Your Glasses Frame?

Answer Do you have a broken set of eyeglasses? Want to effect an inexpensive repair to get you through until you can afford a new pair?

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How to Remove a Lens From a Glasses Frame?

A person may need to remove a lens from the frame of a pair of glasses for several reasons including to replace a damaged lens or swap one style or color of lens for another. Designers and manufact... Read More »

How to push the lenses out of a plastic glasses frame?

Whether you need to remove the lenses from a pair of glasses either because they are the wrong prescription or you simply wish to wear them without the lenses, it is important you do it the right w... Read More »

People who wear distance you always wear your glasses when you're out etc?

I wear them all the time.When I don't wear them, I don't get confused, but I can't see well at all. Given my prescription, that's not at all surprising.

How to Mount a Frame for a License Plate Where No Existing Frame Exists?

A lot of times when you bring a car from Missouri or something it'll only have one mount for a license plate. This will draw a lot of unwanted attention from the cops which is bad if, you know, it'... Read More »