How to Fix Water Ring Damage on Wood Finish?

Answer Exposure to moisture and heat can cause water ring damage on your wood finish. When white rings appear on wood furniture, the culprit is likely water damage that appears as if it may be permanent. ... Read More »

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How to Fix Wood Finish Damage From Nail Polish Remover on a Desk?

Nail polish remover, which is made primarily with the chemical acetone, will also remove wood varnish and stain from a desktop if spilled. The resulting blotches will mar the finish on your desk un... Read More »

How to Fix Water Damage on Wood?

Even with the strongest of finishes and sealants, one fact remains true about wood: it does not get along well with water. Damage ranging from intense flooding to simple condensation circles can ru... Read More »

How to Create a Faux Wood Finish With Wood Stain?

Faux wood finishes add an organic element to manufactured surfaces. Vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass doors and windows are good candidates for a faux wood grain finish using gel-type stains. The fini... Read More »

Can wood treated with clear wood finish be burned?

Wood that has been painted or pressure treated with a clear finish should not be burned because the chemical components of the preservative is released in particulates in the smoke. Depending on th... Read More »