How to Fix Wamp Error "Can't Start Service"?

Answer If you are using Wamp2.0, and the icon in your tray only gets to yellow, and you try to online/offline your server, and it says that some service not started, here is a ix.

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Cant boot USB getting "error loading oprating system"?

What OS is it? Linux windows? Ubuntu? Linux mint but anyway try make the bootable usb again and again about 5 times it got for that to work for me or try another USB or USB booting program

Cant log on msn cz of error code 80048827 ...and i don't want to change my password. what do i do?

All sorted now...I just went directly to Hotmail. I was asked to change my password, which I did, then I was able to sign in to windows live with no problem. (easy to change your password back agai... Read More »

How to fix setup.exe error on windows xp. Ihave scanned it and cleaned it but nothing works. Cant download any?

The problem is your CD Installer, Download it again.

How to Install WAMP?

Install all the software needed to run a PHP + MySQL enabled web server on your Windows PC. This is great for testing your web pages and PHP scripts on your local machine before uploading them to y... Read More »