How to Fix Up a Polo Shirt?

Answer If your plain polo is blah and it lacks your personal touch, this article has a range of suggestions to brighten up that polo and make it shine. So from blah to ta-da, what are you waiting for?

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Who invented the polo shirt?

The polo shirt was invented due to tennis. Rene Lacoste, a seven-time Grand Slam champion from France, felt the traditional thick, long-sleeved shirts donned by tennis players were too uncomfortabl... Read More »

What should I wear with this polo shirt?

It's a nice shirt but what you wear with it depends on your shape... Personally i would go for a pair of navy or brown/khaki trousers that are quite skinny about the ankle either straight leg or ta... Read More »

What colour of polo shirt looks best on a girl?

It depends on what you look like, but I think either the pink of the red, maybe the orange or light blue would look good too.

What kind of fabric is a polo shirt made from?

While most commonly made from cotton, polo shirts come in a wide variety of material selections. The name refers to the style; it is defined by a shirt having a collar and two or three buttons on ... Read More »