How to Fix Tired, Red, Itchy & Yellow Eyes?

Answer Perhaps you've been putting in longer hours at the office, the new baby has been keeping you up at night, or maybe you are dealing with an infection. Whatever the cause, your eyes tell the story of... Read More »

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Are itchy sensitive nipples 8 days after ovulation a possible pregnancy sign along with some sleeplessness although you're tired?

Answer i think this is all the info you need!Your period stops or becomes very light. You may feel nausea or queasiness. Some women vomit. ("Morning sickness" can happen any time of day -- it may h... Read More »

My eyes have been really dry and itchy?

Try wetting a washcloth with cold water and placing it over your eyes for a while.

How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes?

Itchy eyes are an irritating, uncomfortable sensation that can be accompanied by wateriness, dryness and bloodshot eyes. Itchy eyes can be caused by allergies, contact lenses and certain medication... Read More »


If you have an eye bath, this is easiest to do. But if you don't, you can simply just splash it in your eye.Get some salt, and some luke warm water, and mix them together untill the salt is fully d... Read More »