How to Fix Thin Eyebrows?

Answer You'd love to have the perfect eyebrows, shapely, full, and attractive, but you don't. Maybe you plucked them too much, or you never had much to begin with. It doesn't matter. With the right groomi... Read More »

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How to Get Thin Eyebrows?

Few women are born with thin, well-shaped eyebrows. Many women have to work to change their asymmetrical eyebrows, bushy eyebrows and uni-brows into thin eyebrows. Some even go so far as plucking o... Read More »

How to Fill in Thin Eyebrows?

If you've tweezed too much of your eyebrows or your brows are naturally sparse, filling them in correctly will make them appear as if you've always had lush brows. Make sure you color them in with ... Read More »

How to Thin Out Your Eyebrows?

Rather than over-plucking your eyebrows until the skin shows through, concentrate on cutting and taming the long hairs that can make your eyebrows look like caterpillars. Using a pair of small, sha... Read More »

How to Thin and Shape Eyebrows?

Shaping your eyebrows may seem easy, but it can be quite challenging. If you over-pluck your eyebrows or shape them incorrectly, you draw attention to your eyes for all the wrong reasons. Eyebrows ... Read More »