How to Fix Surface Rust on Your Car?

Answer As you use your car, salt, sand and water slowly wear away at the car's metal. Rust spots appear as the metal oxidizes. While your car will certainly still run with rust on the body, its value will... Read More »

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How to Stop Surface Rust?

Rust can develop on metal surfaces such as cars, outdoor equipment, household appliances, silverware and pipes. Once bare metal is exposed to air and water, rust will soon develop. It is essential ... Read More »

How To Repair Surface Rust?

Surface rust is a chemical reaction that happens when condensation comes in contact with bare metal. A surface treated with primer and paint will take longer to show surface rust depending on its e... Read More »

How to Remove Surface Rust From Chrome?

If that ugly brown surface rust on the car bumpers, your chrome rims, lug nuts or maybe your chrome faucet in the bathroom has you down, I'm here to tell you that there is an easy way to remove it.... Read More »

How Do I Get Rid of Auto Body Surface Rust?

Auto body rust is a problem for many car owners. The metal of the car comes into contact with water or moisture for long periods and rust forms. Automobiles have a rust-proof coating but in time th... Read More »