How to Fix Squeaky Power Windows in a Car?

Answer Car windows squeak because the window track comes from the factory with lubricant that eventually wears off after years of use. Getting your car window to stop squeaking is a simple process and can... Read More »

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I got a squeaky door but no WD40. do you know of anything that will have the same effect on a squeaky door?

Bees wax or candle wax. Bees wax is unbeatable.

How to Have Manual Windows Converted to Power Windows?

You're not stuck with manual windows. There are lots of shops that offer and install power window kits.

How to Fix Power Windows?

Most automotive power window failures are due to a failed window switch. However, fuses, wires and electric motors may fail too. The next steps require a little knowledge of electrical circuit oper... Read More »

How to Fix the Power Windows on a Caravan?

Power windows are a convenient feature. Anyone who has used the old crank handles knows how much easier power windows make life, especially if you're driving and trying to roll down the passenger-s... Read More »