How to Fix Split Ends to Get Hair to Grow Long?

Answer Split ends occur when the hair cuticle is stripped of its natural, moisturizing oils, causing the ends of the hair to become frayed. This stripping of moisturizing oils is due to excessive brushing... Read More »

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Will My Relaxed Hair Grow If I Have Split Ends?

Golf courses present a host of hazards that can cause injury to workers. From lawn mowers to fertilizers, workers should be trained in the proper handling, care and maintenance of all equipment an... Read More »

If hair grows from your scalp then why do people say trimming your dead/split ends with help its grow ?

Your hair won't want to grow with all that dead weight. And it's just better for your hair to trim split ends. Split ends should ideally be trimmed once a month or so, but that's not gonna happen, ... Read More »

How to Prevent Split Ends and Keep Long Hair Shiny and Moisturized?

While long, shiny hair is often considered beautiful, it can also be rather difficult and time consuming to maintain such lengthy hair. There are several easy steps you can take to moisturize your ... Read More »

Why do you get split ends in your hair?

Hair, technically speaking, is dead matter. We can only cosmetically maintain and enhance it. Therefore, anything that stresses or dries the strands can cause the stands to split at the end. Any pr... Read More »