How to Fix Solid Red Light on a 2Wire 2701 Modem?

Answer A solid red light on your 2Wire 2701 gateway is an indication of a connection issue, which is often due to a service error that prevents your gateway from establishing a connection with the DSL bro... Read More »

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Why 2wire 2701 router can only handle 18mbps bandwidth?

I assume you are referring to your wireless connection.Try bumping the TX power to 84mw... also, move anything that could be disrupting the signal (Microwave, A/C/ Refridge, TV, Stereo)

How do I Troubleshoot a Two Wire 2701 DSL Modem?

The 2Wire 2701 gateway combines the functions of a DSL modem and network router. Because of its dual function, two sets of problems can come up with it. The first set has to do with the DSL Interne... Read More »

How to Configure a 2Wire DSL Modem?

The 2Wire DSL modem is more than just a modem. It also functions as a wireless router, connecting computers throughout your house to your DSL Internet service. Because it is a combination device, i... Read More »

How to Install a 2Wire 2701HG-B Modem?

Installing a 2Wire 2701HG-B Gateway can seem like a daunting task at first, especially to those who have never installed a broadband modem before. The process involved in getting yourself connected... Read More »