How to Fix Smelly Plastic Containers?

Answer Some plastic containers smell really awful at the time of purchase and need a good clean to rid them of the odor. In some cases, cleaning won't ever be good enough and disposal is probably the best... Read More »

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Can you microwave plastic containers?

The Harvard Medical School states that plastic containers designated as microwave-save by the Food and Drug Administration can be used inside a microwave. Plastic foam and other polystyrene contain... Read More »

Are all plastic containers recyclable?

Not all plastic containers are suitable for recycling. Most containers have a code, a number inside a triangle of arrows on the bottom. Most pick up services accept containers with codes 1 and 2; s... Read More »

How to Store Water in Plastic Containers?

Storing water for emergency purposes, especially in hurricane regions, is an excellent idea. However, it must be properly stored to ensure it is not contaminated in your time of need. You want to u... Read More »

Why Shouldn't We Burn Plastic Containers?

Burning plastic containers harms your health and the environment. Whether in backyard burn bins or municipal incinerators, burning plastics releases toxins into the environment. Reuse or recycle pl... Read More »