How to Fix Seized Brakes?

Answer Fixing seized brakes can only be successfully completed if you can determine what caused them to seize. A sticking or stuck caliper piston, a pad stuck in a caliper anchor, a clogged brake hose or ... Read More »

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How to Tell If Your Car Engine Has Seized?

If you have run your engine at high temperature without adequate oil, the engine could seize. You may not become aware this has happened until you try to start your car again, or it could seize and... Read More »

How to Remove Seized Rotors?

The brake rotors on a car or truck are essential components of a disc brake system. The rotors, also called brake discs, are the round, saucer-like parts that are clamped by the brake caliper and t... Read More »

Can my car be seized if my only income is SSDI?

A car can be repossessed for failure to pay even if your income is limited to only SSDI. However, if there is a delay in payment or a medical need a letter of dire need might help delay or negotiat... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Seized Bolts?

Seized bolts can occur on any mechanical device. Typically the bolts rust due to excessive moisture and lack of any lubrication maintenance. Bolt arrangements make for a variety of extraction metho... Read More »