How to Fix Seized Brakes?

Answer Fixing seized brakes can only be successfully completed if you can determine what caused them to seize. A sticking or stuck caliper piston, a pad stuck in a caliper anchor, a clogged brake hose or ... Read More »

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How to Restart a Seized iPod?

If you experience an error while using the iPod and it seizes up, you can simply restart it to resolve any issues. A restart does not affect any data saved to the hard drive.

How to Remove Seized Screws?

A screw can become seized in the object that it was driven into. This means that traditional tools used to drive in the screw will no longer take the screw back out. The screw will not budge, and c... Read More »

How to Remove Seized Rotors?

The brake rotors on a car or truck are essential components of a disc brake system. The rotors, also called brake discs, are the round, saucer-like parts that are clamped by the brake caliper and t... Read More »

Can taxes be seized in Nevada?

Nevada, like most states, can seize a resident's earnings and assets in order to pay off delinquent taxes. The state can also sell a person's property in a public auction and use the funds to pay o... Read More »