How to Fix Scratches on the Bumper of a Car?

Answer Car bumpers are designed to take impact. Since they are at the front and back of a car, they often get scratched since they are the first surfaces to hit an object. Vehicle bumpers are typically ma... Read More »

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How to Remove Bumper Scratches?

Cars tend to pick up scratches on their bumpers during the normal course of driving. Small stones and sticks may fly up, causing small scratches. Removing scratches from the bumper is a simple proc... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From a Car Bumper Bar?

A car, while functional, can also be a thing of beauty. With an interesting body and a slick shiny paint job, it's hard not to appreciate a brand new (or even freshly painted) car. Unfortunately, i... Read More »

How to Repair Scratches on a Plastic Bumper?

Scratches can occur on the front or rear plastic bumper of your vehicle. Repairing these scratches isn't as difficult or as important as repairing scratches on sheet metal, since the plastic can't ... Read More »

If you're driving a car and you;re backing up and touch someone's bumper with your bumper should i call police?

As a licensed insurance agent in property and casualty, you are only to contact the police if you are in an accident that has more than a 1000.00 worth of damage otherwise you are to exchange infor... Read More »