How to Fix Scratches on a PSP Screen?

Answer This article covers the repair of scratches on the OUTER screen of a PSP (any model up to 3000). This is what you would do instead of just buying a new outer screen on Ebay or protecting your outer... Read More »

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Can you buff scratches off a TV screen?

No. Even if you could, you would wind up distorting the image, because that area of the screen glass would be thinner.

How to get rid of scratches on the screen of watches?

Jewelers use very fine gritty paste to polish scratches from things. You could try tooth paste first. Be patient. The harder the material and the deeper the scratches, the longer it will take. Even... Read More »

How do I fix cell phone screen scratches?

Plastic PolishSelect a tube of plastic polish, available online or at a local auto body shop. Squeeze a small drop onto the screen of the cell phone. Rub the polish into the scratch with a soft clo... Read More »

How do I remove scratches from my LCD screen?

Light scratches can usually be removed by using jewelers rouge and a soft cloth. Check with stores that handle polishing compounds for metals or ask your jeweler if they can spare a small bit. ;)