How to Fix Scratches on a Car With a Sharpie?

Answer Scratches occur when rocks or debris fly up while driving. In addition, parking lots are dangerous for your vehicle from careless drivers. Door scraping or shopping carts cause the most common dama... Read More »

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I wrote with black sharpie on my Compaq touch pad and i erased it with a eraser plz help me?

Rubbing alcohol removes sharpie ink. Get in in the first aid section of your drugstore, or ask for it at the pharmacy counter.

How to Have Fun with a Sharpie?

Drawn on GH2 ControllerIs it a Sunday and your mom and dad are at work? Are you at home from school sick? Well, now you can have some fun while your all alone!

How do I wash a shirt with sharpie on it?

Can You Color Ceramic Tile With Sharpie Markers?

Sharpie is a company that produces permanent markers and pens. These products have become common, and the line has expanded to include oil-based paint pens. Sharpie's website states the pens will w... Read More »