How to Fix Scratched Dior Sunglasses?

Answer It is always nice to keep your favorite accessories in as good a condition as possible. Scratches or blemishes can ruin an item's appearance and functionality. Fashion house Christian Dior produces... Read More »

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Oakley Polarized Scratched Sunglasses Lens able to be fixed repaired restored?

I don't think you can repair the polarization. A polarized lens effects the angle that light passes through them to deflect the UV portion of the spectrum. You can make the scratch less noticeable.... Read More »

Do you wear sunglasses What kind of sunglasses do you prefer, color, shape, style, brand or anything else?

the sqaure kind of type sorry cant get a pic but they are squre and look good on anybody every color looks cool so ya they are like the movie 3d glass also any thing thats diffrent i have sunglasse... Read More »

Poll: Do you wear sunglasses with contacts or prescription sunglasses in summer?

I wear prescription sunglasses. I don't love contacts and my eye doctor said wearing contacts for long time is bad for eye health. The prescription sunglasses I wear are not the ugly old styles. I... Read More »

Scratched myself so hard I scratched away skin and it burns. What do I do?

LOOOL dont worry about it, i do tht all the time, i scartch myself and wen i look down my arms are red and my skin is rippedd. nothing to worry about juss put cold water on it and some lotion.. it ... Read More »