How to Fix Scratched Dior Sunglasses?

Answer It is always nice to keep your favorite accessories in as good a condition as possible. Scratches or blemishes can ruin an item's appearance and functionality. Fashion house Christian Dior produces... Read More »

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Oakley Polarized Scratched Sunglasses Lens able to be fixed repaired restored?

I don't think you can repair the polarization. A polarized lens effects the angle that light passes through them to deflect the UV portion of the spectrum. You can make the scratch less noticeable.... Read More »

Scratched myself so hard I scratched away skin and it burns. What do I do?

LOOOL dont worry about it, i do tht all the time, i scartch myself and wen i look down my arms are red and my skin is rippedd. nothing to worry about juss put cold water on it and some lotion.. it ... Read More »

Poll: Do you wear sunglasses with contacts or prescription sunglasses in summer?

I wear prescription sunglasses. I don't love contacts and my eye doctor said wearing contacts for long time is bad for eye health. The prescription sunglasses I wear are not the ugly old styles. I... Read More »

Which pair of fashion sunglasses is cooler and what elements should I know about sunglasses?

Lady Gaga's sunglasses are really cool. In my opinion, you need to pay more attention to the lens rather the frame styles. There are many things you need to know before you choose a pair of sunglas... Read More »