How to Fix Rusty Floorboards in Toyota Truck?

Answer Floorboards are one of the most abused areas of a truck. Wet boots, mud and grime can soak into the carpet on the floor of a Toyota truck and start to eat away at the metal of the floor board itsel... Read More »

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How to Repair a Rusty Truck Frame?

Removing rust from a truck does not require paying expensive auto body shop fees. The entire process of removing the rust from the truck frame and restoring the paint to its original glory can actu... Read More »

How to Remove Rusty Bolts From a Truck's Gas Tank?

Rust and corrosion always present a hassle when it comes time to remove old bolts. The chances are that the bolts on your gas tank have never been loosened or removed since you have owned the car. ... Read More »

How to Remove a Toyota Truck Gas Tank?

Gas tanks need removal for various reasons. They can become contaminated with water or some other substance, in which case they have to be removed and completely flushed out so that no damage is do... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Alternator for a Toyota Truck?

The alternator in your Toyota truck is an essential part of the charging and electrical system. When your truck's engine is running, the alternator generates an electrical current that is provided ... Read More »