How to Fix Rust on a Vehicle?

Answer Living in these unstable economic times means that many people are holding onto their cars and trucks longer than they normally would. Rough winters, wet summers and damp garages can cause small ru... Read More »

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How to Stop Vehicle Rust?

Rust can be incredibly damaging to a vehicle and, if left unchecked, can absolutely ruin the value. The keys are prevention and stopping the rust before it gets worse. Repairing rusted-out sections... Read More »

How to Repair Rust Spots On Your Vehicle?

Rust is the worst thing that can happen to your car's body. Rust starts out small and can eventually spread to create holes in your car's body parts, even while it's hidden underneath the surface o... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From the Rims on a Vehicle?

Rust can build up on your vehicle's chrome wheel rims, especially if you store it for a long time without driving it. The rust is most likely to develop in the crevices between the spokes and the o... Read More »

If a hit and run vehicle knocks an insured moving vehicle into your liability-only parked vehicle whose insurance pays for damage to your car?

Answer The "At Fault" party is responsible for your damage, regardless of who ran. The driver who ran from the scene is not necessarily the at fault party. The question is who caused the accident? ... Read More »