How to Fix Rust Holes on a Car?

Answer If you don't fix rust holes on a car as soon as possible, they can enlarge to the point that your car may fail your State Inspection, especially if your rust hole is in the floor pan of your car. W... Read More »

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How to Fix Rust Holes?

Rust spots on a car are unsightly, and can make even a car with an otherwise expensive body makeover seem cheap and unattractive. The weak spots can also spread and grow if not tended to. A simple ... Read More »

How to Fix Rust Holes on a Car Door?

Rust holes are both repairable and preventable. Regular washing and attention to scrapes can help prevent rust. Immediately addressing the smallest rust spot will keep it from eating away at the me... Read More »

How to Remove Rust Holes on a Car?

Rust holes occur in the body panels of cars after consistent exposure to moisture, water or salt water. These holes start as small holes in the paint which leads to corrosion that eats away at the ... Read More »

How to Fix Rust Holes in Cars?

Rust can eat through metal until there is nothing left, causing a large hole in the body or floor of a car. Rust holes weaken the strength of a car's body panels and might allow fumes and dust to g... Read More »