How to Fix & Repair Chenille Upholstery With Glue?

Answer Chenille upholstery fabric features elevated, dimensional design motifs made from loops of thread. Chenille is prone to breakage because these elevated loops can become snagged and torn with use or... Read More »

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Repair Methods for Vintage Chenille?

Vintage chenille originated in France in 1895 as a tufted fabric where rows or designs where fluffed out along cut fabric edges. You must handle vintage chenille with care, as most badly torn or ri... Read More »

How do I glue leather upholstery?

Apply the GlueApply leathercrafting cement to the back side of the upholstery leather and to the surface on which you will be gluing the leather. Spread the cement evenly in a thin layer over the w... Read More »

How to Repair Car Leather with Glue?

Although the leather seats are durable, they can still be damaged accidentally. A small hole or tear in the leather can grow and become a bigger problem; therefore it is important to repair the dam... Read More »

Can I Repair a Broken Reflector With Glue or Heat Resistant Tape?

Repairing a broken reflector on your automobile or bicycle is an option. Any glue designed for use on plastic or clear tape should work fine for this application. The primary concern is safety. Co... Read More »