How to Fix Playback Stutter on a PC?

Answer Before making any changes to your computer's audio settings, restart to help determine if the problem persists. If this fails, then a common cause to audio or video playback stuttering relates to t... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Stutter?

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What Causes People to Stutter?

Stuttering can be an embarrassing and difficult impediment to overcome. Although many famous people have struggled with stuttering, there is little known about what causes it. There are theories, b... Read More »

How to get rid of my radio stutter?

What's making my game stutter, cpu or ram?

dude its all about the game it self , some of them needs ram + cpu , some needs cpu + gpu , and some needs the three to be upgradedbut the most important thing of all is the cpu , if its good enoug... Read More »