How to Fix Peeling Paint on Car?

Answer Peeling paint on a car can quickly spread and turn from a small problem into a very large and expensive problem. Getting a car completely repainted can cost hundreds of dollars, but fixing the prob... Read More »

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How do I get paint off my basement floor that is peeling and what kind of paint should I use to repaint it?

Up at home depot they sell/rent scrapers that are meant specifically for removing paint and other icky things off of cement floors. Sand blasting would work, but in an enclosed environment is not r... Read More »

How to Prepare Exterior Surfaces That Have Peeling Paint for New Paint?

Ten percent of all paint jobs have problems, according Sherwin Williams Co. technical manager, David Chupka. Save time and money by properly preparing surfaces prior to applying new paint, particul... Read More »

How to Paint over Peeling Latex Paint?

Peeling paint can often be a very common paint problem. It can be caused my poor adhesion or moisture.

How do I paint over peeling latex paint?

Preparation StepsScrape off the flaking or peeling paint with a putty knife. Remove any paint that is loose, brittle or bubbling up. If there are any cracks in the area, fill them with caulking. Sa... Read More »