How to Fix Paint Damage From a Gasoline Spill on a Motorcycle Tank?

Answer While fixing bubbling paint from a gasoline spill is a relatively simple project, it should be done with some care. You will need to sand parts of the tank, causing heat and friction which may star... Read More »

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How to Paint a Motorcycle Tank?

Painting a motorcycle tank is way to customize your motorcycle, but not everyone knows how to paint a motorcycle tank. The gas tank on a motorcycle is a highly sensitive part, and there is a specif... Read More »

How to Keep the Paint From Bubbling Around the Gas Cap on the Gas Tank of a Motorcycle?

Modern motorcycle gas tanks are painted and covered with a clear finish to protect the paint. The clear coat does a good job with protection, but gasoline and the gas pump nozzle itself can damage ... Read More »

How to Paint Flames on a Motorcycle Gas Tank?

Motorcycles are cool to begin with. A motorcycle with flames painted on the gas tank is even cooler. One of the best ways to freshen up your ride and save money at the same time is with a custom pa... Read More »

How do I Paint a Motorcycle Gas Tank With House of Kolors?

The House of Kolor brand makes many different kinds of coatings, primers and paint for automotive uses. It specializes in body paint for cars and motorcycles. House of Kolor paint is ideal for pain... Read More »